Course Technical Requirements and Supported Platforms

Course Technical Requirements and Supported Platforms

BCA courses support a wide range of software and hardware. See minimum requirements and supported platforms below.

SPDM Technical Award3D Printing Awards
 Minimum Requirements
 At least 1 suitable CAD software from below Y Y (3D)
 At least 1 suitable CAM hardware from below Y Y (3D printer)
 At least 1 microcontroller kit per 2 learners from below Y
 Supported Platforms
 Any suitable CAD software e.g.:
 Sketchup Y Y
 Solidworks Y Y
 Autodesk Y Y
 Creo Y Y
 Tinkercad Y Y
 2D Design Y
 Adobe Illustrator Y
 Any suitable CAM hardware e.g.:
 3D Printers (Up, Cube, Ultimaker, Makerbot, Witbox, Prusa) Y Y
 Laser Cutters Y
 CNC Machines Y
 Arduino Y
 Crumble Y
 Raspberry Pi Y
 Any suitable control language (Basic, C, C++, Python) e.g.:
 Arduino IDE Y
 PIC/Logicator* Y
 BBC Microbit* Y
 Mbed Y
*if you are using a visual programing language such as Logicator

or Microbit, please ensure learners are aware of the text based

code “behind the scenes” in order to meet SPDM level 2 and 3

course requirements.

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