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3D Printing Course – How Does It Work?

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With so many people talking about 3D printing in schools it can be challenging to separate the facts from the myths and create an experience that is exciting, engaging and fully rounded to equip your learners with the skills needed for modern careers in STEM.

That’s why we have been working with schools to identify what’s really important when it comes to 3D printing in education and build the key learnings into our 3D printing curriculum. We have created a series of 3D Design and Printing courses that give students and schools great benefits. Our 3D printing courses are designed to…

  • Build greater engagement with Design and Technology subjects – encouraging more learners to opt to study Design and Technology
  • Build greater practical understanding of what modern Design and Technology is about
  • Prepare learners for new requirements of Design and Technology GCSE and Technical Award curriculums and qualifications – for better results
  • Show parents and stakeholders that your school offers cutting edge 3D printing projects and courses to prepare learners for modern careers

So how does BCA’s 3D Printing course work?

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Starter Pack:

Start off by getting the basics right, choose one of our specially designed 3D Printing projects for education aimed at those starting 3D printing in schools for the first time.

  1. Each project lasts between 8-12 hours
  2. Choose from a range of 3D Printing projects to run in school, from creative focused projects to those which are more technically challenging
  3. Each BCA 3D printing project is specially designed to be packed full of learning outcomes relevant to modern industry
  4. Each project is physically dimensioned so that they take as little time to 3D print as possible. They are designed to be classroom-friendly meaning reduced 3D printing time, reduced wasted material, and less frustration from failed 3D prints.
  5. We provide a full set of teaching resources including HD video step by step guides and handouts designed for the classroom
  6. With this course, you will know exactly what to teach when it comes to 3D printing in schools.
  7. Detailed course resources will save you several days, if not weeks, of planning and creating lesson resources – our materials are tried and tested with schools across the country.

Who or when to teach 3D printing?

  • Our 3D Printing courses are designed around a 3D printing project, which can be taught as a core part of Design and Technology timetables, as part of a carousel timetable, or as part of an after-school or enrichment programme.
  • With every BCA 3D Printing course, you get up to 6 teacher logins. That means a whole department can use our course VLE to teach from or a number of teachers from across your school can access the 3D printing curriculum to make it truly a cross-curricular tool for teaching.
  • We have Computing, ICT, Physics, Maths, and Design and Technology teachers all using BCA’s 3D printing courses to teach from in schools.
  • One project typically takes between 8-12 hours, so with one lesson a week you can cover a starter project in a term.
  • If you have less time, we have pre-prepared templates so you can accelerate through some of the exercises. This may also be an option to consider to differentiate learning for your SEN students.
  • If you have more time, we have extension exercises to challenge gifted and talented in 3D printing projects. You may also want to consider different progression paths if you find that 3D printing becomes very successful at your school after completing our starter projects. (See below for progression)


BCA’s 3D Printing courses are accredited by the Ofqual accredited awarding body TLM. Each of our projects is designed so that, should you choose to, your learners can submit their completed 3D Printing projects to TLM to gain accredited certificates in 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing).

Certification is completely optional and, as long as students keep a record of their work as they go along, you can decide at any time whether you want to submit their 3D printing projects for certification.

The certification can be a great bonus and incentive for learners, while also showing to parents that your school is giving students benchmarked skills which will help their employability in the future.

How to get started:

We know that most D and T teachers are “hands on” so we created a unique opportunity for you to have a play!

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