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Computer Science graduate and second year Software Engineer at Black Pepper Software, Rhys Davis talks about his journey and current projects in Software Engineering.
This weeks industry insight: Becoming a Software Engineer with Rhys Davis

BCA:  What does a typical day look like at work?
Rhys: A quick standup meeting in the morning in which the team shares what they have done the day before and what they will be working on that day. Then onto solving whichever problems we have decided are the most important to tackle next. This may be fixing a bug that we have uncovered or adding new functionality. This will be tackled either individually or working as a pair with another team member.

BCA: What project are you currently working on?
Rhys: I’m currently working on a project to help create a system that enables our customers to efficiently buy, sell and transfer commodities around the world. Enough said, this is pretty confidential!

BCA: What technology have you used as part of your project?
Rhys: A wide range of technologies. On the server side we use Java and Scala while the client side is C#. We are also using messaging frameworks Rabbit and Oracle Advanced Queuing.


BCA: What have you learnt along the way?
Rhys: I’ve learnt so many thing’s it’s hard to say. The importance of getting quick feedback on whether your program is working as expected would be near the top.

BCA: What advice would you give someone interested in software development?
Rhys: Try creating something, it doesn’t matter what it is and you can start off small. Once you get started you might find you don’t want to stop.

BCA: What do you think about BCA and what they do in education?
Rhys: I’m impressed by the innovative approaches used by BCA to help education keep pace with constantly changing world.

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