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With over 17 years of experience in the 3D Industry – 3dPrintingIreland.com have all the experience needed to bring a 3D project to life.

This week we have been talking with Eoin from 3dPrintingIreland.com about their work in 3D. 

BCA: What is your profession?

Eoin: We have two directors, Keith is a 3D Design and Print Professional, with an animation and modelling background. Whereas, I am a jeweller by trade who ‘saw the light’ when showing my children 3d models of jewellery designs which we’d been working on for a client.

Robot copy

BCA: What does a typical day look like at work?

Eoin: We have two aspects to every day: Training and Education is one and Design and Print is the other. For training and education we take calls and online enquiries from schools who are interested in 3d printing, then provide training days so the technology is put to best use.

For design and print, we work with clients on how to bring their project to life in 3D. This can start with a sketch of an idea or they may have their own CAD files. Depending on the project, our team might need to scan an object in 3D or recreate in 3D software. When the piece has a clean 3D file, we take them through the process of choosing the printer and material to print with. After printing, the model will go through post processing with our technicians to give the final finish.

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BCA: What project are you currently working on?

Eoin: We are installing 3d design and print hardware and software with BCA and YouInvent’s support into a primary school in Dublin: Scoil Mobhi. Next week we have a training day with staff, and then an open evening with parents to talk through the future opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics related careers that this technology can lead to.

We are also designing characters for clients, printing architecture models and turning CT and MRI scans in to real models.


BCA: What technology have you used as part of your project?

Eoin: For Scoil Mobhi we are using the Cube3, sense scanner, sculpt and sketchup software, with YouInvent’s forum and BCA’s full online training programme. For our design and print clients we are using our range of full colour powder printers and 3D software.

BCA: What did you learn?

Eoin: Students love to hear what we are working on, on the design and print side, as it proves the value of what they are learning.  Students also like to handle and examine our 3d printed skull. There is a growing community of schools incorporating 3d technology into their pupils learning. Miniature characters & architectural models are very successfully printed in powder as the printer can match the variety colours on screen.


BCA: What advice would you give someone interested in 3d printing?

Eoin: Look for good support and learn from others who are already printing. Train in a variety of 3D modeling software as these skills can be transferred to be used in different industries and on a number of printers.

BCA: What do you think about BCA and what they do in education?

Eoin: We spent a year looking for the best approach for 3d in education, and chose BCA for their focused curriculum appropriate online training modules. BCA Inspire & teach students and educators to see the way the 3D industry can be part of their future.

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