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Li-Chu is a Taiwanese jewellery designer and maker from Birmingham. She specializes in one-off bespoke pieces, and uses smart technology to create intricate and unique forms and layers.

This week we’ve been talking with with Li-Chu about her work using laser cutting.

BCA: Can you tell us about your current laser cut project? 

Li-Chu: I have been working on paper and silver jewellery items for a private collection and museum exhibitions.  

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BCA: What material do you use and why?

Li-Chu: Mostly Paper!!! Paper has without doubt, many varied uses. However, multiple layered paper interests me with its subtle movement and tactile qualities. With the materials that’s presented in my work, I aim to recreate the link between the material and its original source in the natural environment.


BCA: What else have you done with laser cutting?

Li-Chu: I have used laser cutting to decorate my flat with some creative paper lamp shades.  

BCA: How has laser cutting helped your project?

Li-Chu: Massively’ – meticulous working processes with laser enable me to develop a range of elements into my paper jewelry. 


BCA: Where does your inspiration come from?

Li-Chu: Natural forms, processes & movement inspire me to make jewellery. Pure and organic elements reveal a delicate and subtle visual language.


BCA: What advice would you give to young aspiring artists?

Li-Chu: Find the ideas that you are fascinated with and find all the possibilities to present it. Find the material that interests you and find the way to let the material present it’s own value through your work. The most important thing is don’t limit yourself!


BCA: What do you think about BCA and the work they do in Education?

Li-Chu: BCA are friendly and helpful! – they always make you feel inspired after every conversation and the work they do in education is a great link into industry using many industrial processes.


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