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SPDM Level 2 Technical Award GCSE Equivalent

Length: 120 GLHs

Level: KS4, KS5

Prerequisite: None

Subjects: Design, Manufacture, CAD/CAM, Microcontrollers

Smart Product Design and Manufacture Technical Award

Level 2 Technical Award

GCSE Equivalent

With League Table Points

SPDM Level 2 Technical Award GCSE Equivalent

Design and Technology

BCA Smart Product Design and Manufacture (SPDM) Level 2 Technical Award is a GCSE equivalent course with League Table Points. The purpose of the course is to provide pupils with practical technical knowledge, understanding and skills in designing and manufacturing products using contemporary technologies. SPDM integrates 3D printing, CAD/CAM, coding and microcontrollers.

SPDM Level 2 Technical Award count towards the progress 8 and attainment 8 indicators for English schools. The QAN code for SPDM level 2 is 601/4558/4 and the OFQUAL Accredited Awarding Organisation that worked with BCA to gain the OFQUAL accreditation for our SPDM courses is The Learning Machine (TLM).

Teachers are fully supported throughout the course with access to on-demand and streamlined moderation.

Level 2 SPDM Course Details:

  • Successful completion of the course is worth 15 credits
  • Assessment is via a combination of coursework and an exam. The coursework is pass or fail and worth 30 marks and the exam is worth a potential further 70 marks.
  • The overall pass rates for the course are as follows
    • 50% = C (20 marks needed from the exam)
    • 60% = B
    • 70% = A
    • 80% = A*
  • the projected span of the course is 2 years. BCA provide a detailed scheme of works which schools can use to map to their own timetable
  • pupils studying for level 2 but not demonstrating evidence of securing a level 2 qualification can be entered for an accredited level 1 qualification as appropriate ‘at-the-time’

Level 2 SPDM Course Specification:

Unit 1: Product Design

Unit 1 teaches design and modelling techniques plus 2D and 3D CAD. Learners apply these skills semi-independently in their own project, which is to design and develop a Smart product prototype.

Unit 2: Product Manufacture

Product Manufacture teaches the use of 3D printing and other Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) tools  to produce prototypes rapidly. The unit also shows learners how to embed physical components into a design so that they can prototype an integrated Smart product.
Unit 3: Smart Electronics

Unit 3 covers microcontrollers, digital and analogue inputs, outputs, and sensors. Students learn how to design and program a simple Smart system with an input and an output which they can integrate within a Smart product.


Potential further 70 Marks Students take an exam leading to A*-C GSCE equivalent grades. Alternatively students not evidencing the ability to pass at this level are able to sit the level 1 paper and still obtain an accredited qualification.

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SPDM Level 2 Technical Award GCSE Equivalent work 2

SPDM Benefits to Pupils

  • Developing and applying real skills in the use of new and emerging technologies – helping increase student employment prospects
  • Learning, developing and applying STEM concepts in an engaging way – which means pupils learn aspects of maths, engineering and science organically
  • Experiencing each step of the journey from design concept to physical product
  • Enjoyment of the course!

SPDM Benefits to Teaching Staff

  • Vastly reduced lesson preparation: full, updated schemes of works available tried and tested by teachers.
  • Straightforward introduction to what is, for many, new subject material to teach
  • In depth teacher support
  • Moderation on demand – moderation is refreshingly uncomplicated, quick and intuitive via working with TLM as our Awarding Organisation – TLM provide an online moderation tool which massively reduces admin and saves time
SPDM Level 2 Technical Award GCSE Equivalent Online resources
BCA course kits Arduino

What else is needed to deliver the course?

  • CAD software – a list of CAD software recommended for the course is available including free and paid for options
  • 3D printers and laser cutter  – you can purchase machines for the course via BCA or our trusted partners
  • Microntrollers – BCA provide a custom made microcontroller kit for to the course or you can source your own kit
  • Teacher training – training is available in specialist SPDM technologies such as CAD or microcontrollers

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