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This maker project is geared at 3D printing a car.

With Jeremy Clarkson currently out of action, we’ve got a 3D printing project for all of you petrol heads. Our Chief Creative Officer, Mitesh Patel, has put us in 5th gear to design, build, and 3D print a slot car that’ll take us to the finish line. Limited by only the size, motor and wheels for the slot car to work on the track, we began by testing the existing Scalextric car and analysing what we could do differently.

After completing our prototype car, there was only one way to test it, and that was to have a race. 


First, we disassembled the existing slot car and shelved the parts we no longer needed. Then using CAD we 3D printed the (snap fitting) chassis before moving on to the car shell.






By using 3D printing at the prototyping stage, building something solid and testing what does – and more importantly what doesn’t – work, you can keep on redesigning and re-3D printing until you get it right. 


Of course, we made some mistakes and developments along the way, but that illustrates perfectly what we say to our students: “you should learn to fail before you can learn to succeed”. . .



After a few tweaks, we were finally there – all that’s needed now is to push the pedal to the metal and win that race. . .


Driving off in to the sunset, this project has been fun – taking onboard the learning outcomes, we have many projects that help teach students and teachers the fundamentals of product design and manufacturing, including trial and error, reverse engineering and working to a live brief. . .

To find out more about this project or learn how to make items like these through our education courses, contact [email protected] –  Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn