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Each week we will be sharing with you our  “Maker Project of the Week” where we showcase what our BCA designers and makers have been tinkering away with in the workshop.

This week, BCA’s Chief Creative Officer – Mitesh Patel has been busy designing and making a 3d printed passive speaker aka speaker horn.

With Spring officially here (tomorrow) and Summer on the horizon we wanted to make something for those fun in the sun days ahead while on holiday, camping (“glamping”) or for picnics in the park.

Picture this – the Sun is out, you’re relaxed – what more? How about your favorite music playlist to go with that ice-cream?  – but alas your in-built speaker is not loud enough!?! And there’s no electrical socket in sight for those speaker amplifiers. Don’t panic – check out our solution…


The horn was designed to stand upright and on its side – perfect to watch movies and and listen to your music playlist. The cut area still allows you to access the all in important centre button in case you need to access the menu. The volume buttons are still accessible from the side.


Best of all, the sound is amplifed by 13dB! Check out the wave pattern. The bottom wave pattern is the phone with the speaker horn.



And this is how we did it! Started in CAD, making sure the phone fitted and the speaker horn was lined up properly.


Screenshot (11) Screenshot (12)


We then exported a build file and began 3d printing – done!


We didn’t just stop at one – with the power of 3d printing and mass customization – it’s possible to make a custom speaker horn for any phone size or shape. We made one for the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, Samsung S3, Samsung S4 and the Samsung s5

To find out more about this project for commercial or education purposes contact [email protected]