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Whether it’s a 3d printing prototype or a finished laser cut part you’re making it’s always good to stop, remember and respect the almost forgotten traditional tools.

This week’s Maker Project: Retro fitting the traditional hand drill with a modern 3d printing prototype of a handle

Do you remember the last time you used a hand drill? In such a technologically advanced world, we had almost forgotten we had one. BCA are paying homage to the traditional hand drill this week and reviving it’s functionality by marrying modern technology with the old.

We recently discovered our hand drill in the workshop. Missing its handle, we decided to design, 3D print and retro-fit this most basic of tools and bring it back to life.





The design was the simplest of any of our maker projects – we measured the metal bar, created a simple extruded handle, designed a snap fit inside. It was also one of the most effective. Another successful maker project to ensure we keep on using the traditional tools that got us to where we makers are today. Here’s to you, old timer!

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