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Presentation Packs For Use By Schools, Colleges, FabLabs

Would you like to present your case for modern digital skills and innovation to senior leaders, parents, or funding bodies?

To help you share BCA values with others in your organisation we have prepared a presentation pack for use by teachers and educators  in schools, colleges and fablabs. Use these to present your project in the best light to:

  • Senior managers and leaders
  • Parents and students
  • Grant and funding bodies

Our presentation pack includes:

  • Key facts and figures about rapid technology shifts and what these mean for skills, from the mouths of industry leaders
  • Quotes from Ofsted about the importance of digital design and manufacture, systems and control, and high quality industry relevant CPD for teachers
  • Ways your school or organisation can deliver new skills that is accessible, trainable and flexible
  • BCA’s track record in this area and why we are partner of choice for leading schools, businesses and public organisations

BCA has also prepared a fully spec-ed digital fabrication equipment guide which you can download. It contains detailed breakdown of common and affordable options for 3D printers, laser cutters, electronic kits to help you make an informed decision about investing in future technology. Our specification includes:

  • BCA recommendations of the latest 3D printer, laser cutter, electronic kits including specifications and costs
  • At least 3 price comparisons for each item so you can be assured you are getting the most effective technology within your budget
  • BCA recommendations are based on our own experience of active use of technology in classroom and other education settings

Download BCA Course Presentation Pack

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“Secondary schools should ensure that teachers have access to high-quality subject professional development to enable them to teach students about modern and smart materials, electronics and systems and control, make effective use of computer aided design and manufacture resources.”


The pace of change in the technology sector has created a knowledge gap between industry and education, making it increasingly difficult for students to fit into the workplace straight from a learning environment”

Mike Muller

Chief Technology Officer, ARM