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Ever needed to stop a print mid-way? Whether you want to break a long 3D print into two or more sessions, or explore “multicolour” printing, the Pause function is a versatile and often under-explored function in your 3D printing toolbox.

Our teacher tip of the week: Learn to use the Pause function on the Up 3D printer. You can also use Pause for “multi-colour” 3D Printing.

IMG_6772 (2)

This week we’ll be using the Up to demonstrate how to use the Pause function. At any time during your print you can Pause your build. The Pause function can be accessed in the Maintenance dialogue box once the raft has been laid down. The printer will wait until you are ready to Resume – it will carry on exactly where you left off.

IMG_6784 (1)

However there is lot more you can do with the Pause tool. During a Pause you can still access certain set up functions like withdraw and extrude filament. That means… yes you guessed it… you can change colour mid-print!

On this BCA keyring, we pressed Pause just after our initials started to print and used the opportunity to change the filament colour.

IMG_6785 (7)

You can even pre-set the z-height where you would like your build to pause… pretty handy if you have exact heights where you want colour change(s).

Of course Pause won’t get you a true multi-colour print. However for some simple projects it can achieve some great nifty effects. So that’s it – take a break and use Pause.

If you have any questions about the points raised here, 3D printing courses or 3D printing training get in touch with [email protected] Stay tuned for next week’s tip!