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As you’ll know by now 3D printing has it’s complications, even so; using a few simple tips and tricks will keep one step ahead.
This week we show a very easy and safe way to remove parts from the build plate without damaging the model, build plate and printer – by simply using the right tools. 

Printing directly on top of an Acrylic or Glass ‘detachable’ build plate will ensure the PLA or ABS plastic sticks well and makes the final model look nice from the bottom up. However, as the plastic sticks and solidifies it often becomes difficult to remove.


A ‘Good’ tool to use is the underrated ‘Scrapper’ because it’s flat, strong and uniformly lifts the model off the build plate. To remove the 3D model, carefully use the edge of the scrapper to wedge the bottom of the model and hit the scrapper end (not too hard) to help release the model. You’ll hear some cracking, don’t be worried this is normal. Once you reach a certain point the model will release form the build plate and you are good to go.


It’s common that ‘Bad’ tools are used in the classroom, including Clippers and Long nosed pliers that damage the build. It wouldn’t be fair to list the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ without the ‘Ugly’! Therefore, stay away from using the ‘Ugly’ metal ruler, knife and scissors because each one can not only damage your model but can also be dangerous.




On a final note, be careful and mostly be patient otherwise you may damage your model and worst hurt yourself. If you would like more information about this, one of our other teacher tips or 3d printing courses, please contact [email protected] to learn more. Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn